Brickvention 2018 – Area 51 Hunt!

Are you good enough to find all the TV, Movie, and Gaming references in the AREA 51 MOC Display at BV2018?  There are about 15 in total with some needing old-person knowledge, and some needing a very keen eye.

These are all built to a Microfig scale (approx 1/72) and all are custom design (not kits!…yet)

There are about 15 different references in the Area 51 BV18 display.  Answers below are shown in vaguely alphabetical order and not shown in context so you can still try and find them in the display if you missed them.

Scroll down once you’ve had a good go at finding them…




  1. Batman 1960 TV Series:  Batmobile
  2. Batman Begins: Tumbler
  3. Battlestar Galactica Viper
    from BSG The Original Series
  4. Blade Runner: Spinner (blue)
  5. Blade Runner 2049: Spinner (grey)
  6. Doom: Cacodemon
    Tied down so he can’t float away
  7. Dr Who: The TARDIS and our new Lady Doctor!
  8. Independence Day: Alien Autopsy Scene
  9. Interstellar: TARS  (yeah he’s small)
  10. Mad Max: Police Interceptor (yellow)
  11. Men In Black (MIB)
    Black Suited Figures looking after the Cacodemon
  12. Simpsons: Family with Kang,
    Kodos is escaping in the spaceship through the roof after seeing the autopsy (or maybe Kang is escaping, I always get them confused!)
  13. Star Wars: T-65 X-Wing Red 2 (Wedge!)
  14. Transformers II: JetFire in Autobot form as the SR-71 (972)
    Big hint here was the Jet…with Fire!
  15. UFO: S.H.A.D.O. Interceptor with nose-fitted nuke


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